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The 20 Minute Morning Show

By BJ Murphy

Pastor Cheryl on the church's response to the COVID Pandemic


Sharvette Mitchell Show

By Sharvette Mitchell

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New Pittsburgh Courier

By Robert Taylor

She is the founder of a thriving church. An author. An editor of a gospel magazine. But before that, she was a drug addict. A battered wife. A single parent with three kids living in shelters.


Cornerstone TV

By Robert Taylor

Interview on the REAL LIFE Show on the Cornerstone Television Network

Consider these topics as a means to learn to love and appreciate yourself:


1.       Are you using the Right Criteria to Measure Your Self-Worth? Having and utilizing the correct measuring stick makes a difference. We often judge ourselves by the culture in which we live. This can be a mistake.

2.       A 30-day Beginning to Self-Love is important.  Many experts believe it takes 30 days to build a habit. Effective habits ensure your desired outcome. In 30 days, you can accomplish a lot and gain the momentum needed to make a real breakthrough in your self-love.

3.      Conclusion. This is just the beginning of your path to true self-love and self-esteem. Where will you go next?

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