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  • Why releasing the past is difficult and what you can do to make it easier for yourself. 

  • The spiritual, emotional, mental and physical causes of your pain. 

  • The misconceptions about forgiveness.  

  • Specific strategies and exercises to assist you in letting go of your pain and moving forward toward the life that you want.

Let's Talk Pain on womans-room-dresse-pi

Let's Talk Pain, the workbook and study guide, is an intensive step by step guide that will help you to identify the root causes of those things in your life that block your blessings, hinder your growth, and keep you from becoming the best YOU possible.

In this book, I share the strategies, knowledge and wisdom that helped me overcome the past self so that I could be transformed in to a more valuable, effective and relevant version of ME. 

This timely book, is necessary in your library and for your every day life to teach you to strategize your way to success.

fire of god workbook.jpg

Fire of God is the poignant story of Cheryl Jones-Ross and how a defining moment with her beloved sister changed the course of her life forever. After overcoming tremendous obstacles in her past, including being raised by an alcoholic father, her own drug and alcohol addictions, an abusive marriage and a subsequent stay in a battered women's shelter, Cheryl began to live an exciting life of ministry, one filled with TV appearances, awards shows and what seemed like the life that she always wanted to live. However, it all changed on one fateful Autumn afternoon when she received a phone call that would begin a journey of self-examination and coming to terms with her past and her present life. When she heard the voice on the other end of the phone, she had no idea that the Lord was sending a fire into her life that would not only bring separation between her and the most beloved person in her life, her sister Joyce, but this fire would turn into a blazing inferno that would drive her down the road to total surrender to the will of God.


For many years, I did not fully understand the power of journaling.  Even though the Bible says to write the vision down and make it plain, this passage only became to produce results in my life when I began to take it literally.  I heard it said,  "if you write it then it is real".  

When I began to write down my thoughts through daily and nightly journaling, along with, my goals and plans, affirmations and the things that I was grateful for, within a few months, I began to witness things that I had prayed for and hoped for begin to unfold in front of my eyes in a matter of a few short months! 

Things that I had no idea how they would come to pass, because to almost supernaturally fall in line.   If you write it, it is real! 

If you are at novice at journaling and love to journal, without guides, my Discovery Journey is perfect for you.  This beautiful book filled with lined and blank pages is the canvas that you need to make your life into a masterpiece through journaling. AND it makes for a nice gifts for parties, events and swag bag stuffers. 

However, if you need guided journaling with affirmation prompts, thought provoking daily entries and action steps to help you to strategize your way to manifested dreams, The VICTORY JOURNAL is perfect for you!


Both are available at AMAZON! 

It is difficult to process our thoughts so that we can make wise and prosperous decisions concerning our lives, if our mind is filled with clutter.  Thoughts from past traumas, regrets and disappoints clutter our minds and make even thinking good thoughts difficult.  


This audio message addresses the concept of decluttering the mind and gives insightful information that will help you to begin the process of removing harmful thoughts and even toxic people from your life.



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