The Power Is Within YOU!


  • Why releasing the past is difficult and what you can do to make it easier for yourself. 

  • The spiritual, emotional, mental and physical causes of your pain. 

  • The misconceptions about forgiveness.  

  • Specific strategies and exercises to assist you in letting go of your pain and moving forward toward the life that you want.

Here are the materials, tools and resources included in this powerful course.  


Three Master Class Intro Video Lessons to help you to Say "Goodbye" to Emotional Trauma taught by Cheryl Jones-Ross


Three Teaching Modules and 13 Downloadable Workbook Lessons. 


You will also get 19 Reflection Downloads With Worksheets and Reflection Questions:


Each Module concludes with a related quiz to ensure that you understand the lessons and are able to activate them in your life.


Email access for help work your way through the modules.


Additional Monthly Worksheets and Challenges to help you deal with Trauma, Grief and Challenging Life Changes.


Live Zoom Wellness Check-ins 


Periodic roundtable live discussions with special guests who have successfully worked their way through emotional trauma. 


Membership to my Blog containing additional free resources, tools and worksheets


A copy of my books, Let's Talk Pain (The Workbook and Stud Guide and The Victory Journal


Cheryl Jones-Ross is an Inner Life Specialist specializing in helping people to overcome the effects of emotional traumas and pain through her Let's Talk Pain Coaching Programs, Workshops, Conferences and Master Classes. By combining 30 years of training and experience along with her strategic programs, she has helped people to launch successful businesses, create effective brands, and become the best version of themselves while learning how to find purpose in sufferings. After overcoming a series of devastating life events and overcoming her own emotional traumas, Cheryl went on to launch a successful ministry where she continues to lead people out of bondgages and into the freedom of purpose and success.  She also hosts her own TV Show, "Let's Talk Pain" which airs on the Dominion TV network, is the Editor in Chief of Heels Global Magazine and the author of five books including "Fire of God, What Do You Do When It all Burns Down", Let's Talk Pain, and The Victory Journal.