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Dr. Cheryl Jones-Ross

Getting a strategy for your life is one of the most important aspects in the Inner healing process.  Without a plan, we can surely plan to fail.  However, it is not enough to have a plan, but we must also have the right tools to execute that plan in order to make that strategy powerful and effective 

None of us suffer in the same way or with the same types of conditions, however we can all be healed from our past and current trauma no matter how devastating that pain may be. 

As you Inner Life Strategist, my commitment for your life, will be to help you design a strategy that will bring you through the healing process  with the measure of love, grace and wisdom that you will need to become the best version of "YOU" possible.  


My Let's Talk Pain Strategic Programs: Blogs, Coaching Modules, Master Classes, Sessions, Talk Show and Events, are all designed to help you to get to the root of the issues that hinder your progression. 


Once we deal with the emotional trauma, grief, bitterness, unforgivesness, anger and regret, along with the hidden issues that lie dormant in your subconscious mind, and get an understanding of what brought you to that place, you will be able to take what once was vile and contemptible in your life and use it as the fuel to build a life that is  powerful, effective and successful. 



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Want to learn how to Overcome Trying Situations By Changing Your Mind?

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We can't TALK ABOUT PAIN without dealing with the emotional trauma that is the greatest source of our pain.


  • Why forgiveness is crucial to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical health

  • How childhood traumas and beliefs can interfere with releasing the past

  • You have the power already within you to release the past

  • Forgiveness brings freedom

  • Strategies to assist you in forgiving and letting go

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Get Started


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You can watch my Let's Talk Pain Broadcast on Dominion TV Network

or subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.

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Take any of my three courses, 30 Days to Greater Self Love, "Say Goodbye To Emotional Trauma, Passion and Purpose.  



I am available to speak at your next conference, workshop or meeting. 

Friendly Conversation

1-1 Coaching/
Grief Counseling/

Anger Management

I provide a variety of personal, branding, business, pastoral, coaching/mentoring opportunities within my Inner Life Strategic Programs. Click on the button and choose

the coaching program that is right for you.

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My Let's Talk Pain Workbook and Study Guide along with the Victory Journal, and other products will give you step by step instructions on how to find purpose in your sufferings. 

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Charlise Smith CEO

Cheryl is an amazing mentor, coach and woman of God.  As I have grown in my walk with God, she has guided me in identifying how my past has effected my present.  She has given me Godly revelation on making Godly decisions for my life. 

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Summer Chase, CEO

She's not only my spiritual leader but, a personal coach and even like a second mother to me.  She's my "been there done that" person that will always be there cheering in my corner. 


DeJeana Rawlins, Manager

Cheryl is someone who is real.  Someone who speaks from empathy and compassion and now with accusation.  She has shown me that no matter how low you can get and no matter how bad your life seems, God is always there to love you.  She speaks from experience and she shows by her own actions how to change and become more Christ-like

Melanie Davis.jpg

Melanie Davis, Pastor

Cheryl has been a coach and mentor in my life for many years.  From problems with my children, ministry and struggles in marriage, she has always guided and instructed me with biblically sound advice and direction

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