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As your mentor, it will be my job to share my knowledge, skills and/or experience with your as to help you to develop and grow.  My mentoring style is less structured than coaching.  Even though we will have mentoring meeting agendas with recommended goals, it will be up to you as the mentee to put your goals together.   I have mentored women and men in the capacities of pastoring, church planting, authoring, business and non-profit start-ups and more.  As your mentor I will share what worked for me, however, it will be your responsibility to discover "You" in the process and what will help to make you as successful as you chose to be. 

The Relationship

During our time togethe, we will develop your capacity for learning and achieving your goals by doing the following:

  • Assisting you with finding resources such as people, books, articles, tools and web-based information;

  • Imparting knowledge and skills by explaining, giving useful examples, demonstrating processes, and asking thought-provoking questions;

  • Helping you to gain broader perspectives of your responsibilities and organization; and

  • Discussing actions you’ve taken in your career and explaining your rationale.

  • Guiding you through business plan developments, filing necessary papers to start your business

  • In the case of pastoral mentoring, give you bible based guidance and practical steps for successful pastoring 


Rates are hourly.  However, there may be additional charges for special services needed.  

Free Consultation

If you are interested in my mentoring services, we will set begin with a free 30 minute consultation to determine your needs and goals. 

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