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Inner Life Strategic Coaching

The Let's Talk Pain Plan

Session One/Month One - Let's Lay A Foundation 

We will begin the planning process by helping you to lay a proper foundation.  In this process we may need to re-look at what you have been standing on for most of your life.  What are you fundamental thoughts, values and ideas and what type of character do you possess.  From these points can either build upon the foundation that has already been laid in your life or draft a new plan to lay a firm and solid foundation for the new life that you are about to walk in. 



Session Two/Month Two – Let's Identify Obstacles

During this phase we will begin to identify the obstacles and hindrances that have kept you from progressing or advancing in life in the way that you were designed to progress.   What are you continuing to stumble over and what are he reasons why you are repeating certain behaviors in your life.  We will need to be discuss this questions and more in detail during this phase.   Here you will need to take an honest look at your current life's issues so that you can clearly see what needs to be addressed. .



Session Three/Month Three - Let's Talk Pain

Every problem has a root cause with manifested symptoms which include rejection, low self-esteem, pride, un-forgiveness.   In order to deal with these symptoms, we must get to the root of the problem and pluck it out of your life.   Facing past hurts, disappointments, traumas and mistakes will not be easy, but dealing with these things is must.  When you can properly identify your pain and discover its origin and then own up to any responsibility that you may have for your current condition, you will be well on your way to success. 


Session Four/Month Four - Let's Find You!

Once you have identified your weakness, we can talk about your strengths.  There are some wonderful qualities in you that you may not have even discovered hidden underneath your hurts or kept secret from you until you were ready to walk in who you truly are. There is a plan and a purpose for you that we will begin to work on as we talk gifts, talents, creativity and more.  Change your mind, change your life!



Session Five/Month Five - Let's Take Action

Many are stuck in their life because they have not made up in their minds to do something about their situations.   Once you have an action plan couple with a made up mind, you will become unstoppable.  In this session we will work together to set up some action steps and strategies to break any cycles in your life that are keeping you bound to your current condition.  This will be a time to take action! 



Session Six/Month Six - Let's Talk Victory

As you begin to walk out this phase of your life in victory, we will make a commitment to accountability of your progression.  Without excuses, you will be expect to report on your progress over the past few months and be prepared to talk about moving forward with a long term plan of action.  



Each Sessions will be broken down into two parts (the work and the assignment)



All sessions to be book online.  Sessions are held via phone call or video call.   


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