Strategic Assessment
What Do You Currently Do?
From which area(s) below come your greatest challenges?
Who comprises your inner circle?
How happy are you with your life?
How do you see yourself in the future?

What to expect during the initial intake session.   

  • Clarification of what strategic planning is / is not 

  • Agreement of number of sessions scheduled and dates

  • Payment terms

  • Explanation of Strategic contract/agreement

  • What the service includes

  • What notes will be written up/feed back

  • Methods of communication

  • Ground rules for sessions  (staying on track)

  • Structure of session

  • Who will take notes

  • What is needed for each session – pens/paper, journal, computer access etc.

  • What the client can expect from the strategist

  • What client wants from their strategist

  • Openness and honesty

  • Confidentiality

  • Equality in the relationship

  • Responsibility and accountability for achievement of actions 

  • Assessment of where client is now

  • Other assessments

  • What is important to the client – values Goals

  • What the client expects to achieve from the Let's Talk Pain SessionsAny questions/concerns

  • Confirmation of next sessions – date/time