Cheryl Jones Ross Ministries

1700 Bower Hill Road

Pittsburgh, Pa.  15243

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Hello, I am Cheryl Jones-Ross, the creator of the Let's Talk Pain Inner Life Strategic Program!


I am so glad that you decided to take the first steps towards your journey to discovering your purpose.     

It wasn't until I discovered "me" through learning how to turn my pain into purpose, that I finally became "unstuck" in my past hurts and my life began an upward trajectory towards wholeness and victory.  

If you too are ready to begin this life changing process, Let's get you started.


You next step vital steps must include a copy of the Let's Talk Pain Workbook and Study Guide along with the The Discovery Journal.


The workbook along with the daily journal are the tools that you will need as you go through the lessons that I have designed to take you from pain to purpose.