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This page will help you with some FREE resources that you may need on your journey towards freedom from the effects of pain and trauma.   As an Inner Life Strategist I am open to help you on your journey to wholeness.  Feel free to contact me at or fill out the assessment form to discuss a free consultation.  



If you endeavor to go after the life of your dreams, it’s important to learn how to recover from whatever traumas and challenges you’ve

dealt with in the past.

The 8 steps outlined below will help you identify, understand, and seek support to recover from whatever has been holding you back.

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What is Your Life Purpose

Purpose is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

There is a Scripture that says, "without a vision the people perish".  This simply means that without a vision or a purpose for your life, you will  go in any direction, you will do anything often leaving you feeling unfilled, bored and even hopeless.  


Finding their life purpose isn't something that automatically comes to most people.  Some have to work at discovering what they are meant to do and others find those answers at childhood.  

Here is a guide to help you to begin to think about what you already have on the inside of you that is both powerful and impactful.


If you feel that you need more intense guidance after doing this worksheet, you can fill out the assessment form linked on the "About" page and request a free 15-minute consult.  


Change does not happen overnight and it's almost impossible for change to occur without a plan of action.  Remember every little change begins with the first step.  

It seems that some of the most challenging situations, however, are the most difficult to begin the process of change.  


Here a step by step action guide to help you on your way to changing the things in your life that have been most difficult to tackle. 

This is not a miracle cure but it will help you to begin to assess the situation and start you on the road to that much needed change that you so desire. 

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