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The most common reason why people seek help from the medical profession is because they want to get rid of some type of pain.  And one of the most common reasons why people come to Jesus is because they want to get rid of some type of pain. 


Physical pain, emotional, and spiritual pain are all similar in many ways, in that each lets us know that something is not functioning in us according to God's design for our body, soul and spirit. 


Pain is not God's way of punishing us for our mistakes or making us suffer because we deserve it.  But pain is merely an indicator that:


  • There is an issue in our lives that must be addressed.

  • We are on the verge of coming into a new season in our lives.

  • We are about to birth the purpose that the Lord has ordained for our lives.

  • We are being made to suffer for Jesus' name sake.

  • There are lessons that we must learn to equip us for where we are going. 


Pain and adverse experiences both have a purposed driven cause that will always work for good in our lives.  Experiences are simply character tests.  Your character is the mental and moral qualities that distinguish you, that make you, you.  It is your nature, your personality, your disposition, your temperament, and your mentality all of which must be tested.


Your character is made up of these qualities:


  1. How you act every day of the year.

  2. How you handle people and situations.

  3. How you process your thoughts.

  4. How you come to the conclusions that you come to.

Through character development, you will not only be tested, but you will also go through a series of changes in your life so that you will have to learn how to function in unfavorable conditions and learn the lessons that these experiences have come to teach you.


You must learn how to handle yourself in every situation that comes up in your life without freaking out, without falling apart, without giving up every other day, without acting childish or doing anything contrary to a good moral character, and come to an understanding of the root problems in your life that have formed the negative behavior patterns that have caused you to be stuck in cycles.  


In my Let's Talk Pain Program I will teach you how to identify the root cause of many of your issues and help you to plucked those things out of your life.


Will the process be easy?  Absolutely not.  But it will be necessary for growth, advancement and success in every area of your life.