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Fire of God is the poignant story of Cheryl Jones-Ross and how a defining moment with her beloved sister changed the course of her life forever. After overcoming tremendous obstacles in her past, including being raised by an alcoholic father, her own drug and alcohol addictions, an abusive marriage and a subsequent stay in a battered women's shelter, Cheryl began to live an exciting life of ministry, one filled with TV appearances, awards shows and what seemed like the life that she always wanted to live. However, it all changed on one fateful Autumn afternoon when she received a phone call that would begin a journey of self-examination and coming to terms with her past and her present life. When she heard the voice on the other end of the phone, she had no idea that the Lord was sending a fire into her life that would not only bring separation between her and the most beloved person in her life, her sister Joyce, but this fire would turn into a blazing inferno that would drive her down the road to total surrender to the will of God.

I had to put it down last night after reading about Joyce being taken off life support. You've written a beautiful, powerful, often heartbreaking, brave and moving tale. An amazing tribute to your sister!

Maria Sticco

I hope this books speaks to others as it did me ...what a beautiful tribute to Joyce the 3 of you ....

Anyone feeling life your walk with God.. you should read this book.

Melodi Noel- Smith Leonhardt

I love it..I dont think you could have painted the picture any points in the book I was like wow and the way you broke it down was incredible.  Again congratulations and I am sure Mrs. Joyce is very proud of you.


I laughed, cried,smiled and reflected as I flipped through the pages. It's the kind of book that everyone can find a piece of themselves in. It created a hunger in me to reach further into what the Lord would have me to do. Thank you for honesty and vulnerability. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves in a "why me" moment.

Melanie Davis

Sometimes when you know someone great who can be open and insightful about life and it's challenges from personal experience, it makes your hardships not so scary to face. This is a book that will make you feel inspired and gives you strength and hope to face your own tribulations.

DeJeanna Rawlins

This book is Ministry at its best!!!! I cried through most of it. It was such a testimony to what God can and will do. It brought my favorite scripture to light, Phil 1:6.

Rev. Denise Wade

Pastor Cheryl Jones- Ross's book "Fire of God: What Do You Do When It All Burns Down" is a book that all must read. It is very deep and will have you needing a box of tissues by the end of the book, but it will make you also think about your life.

Jessica Maxine

This book is a true blessing and witness to my soul. The purity and the humbleness and clarity the fire brings is priceless.


The best book I read ever I'm so thankful that I bought mine awhile ago. It's worth every penny I can promise you that

Tiana Ballinger

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