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If you write it, it is real

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For many years, I did not fully understand the power of journaling.  Even though the Bible says to write the vision down and make it plain, this passage only became to produce results in my life when I began to take it literally.  I heard it said,  "if you write it then it is real".  

When I began to write down my thoughts through daily and nightly journaling, along with, my goals and plans, affirmations and the things that I was grateful for, within a few months, I began to witness things that I had prayed for and hoped for begin to unfold in front of my eyes in a matter of a few short months! 

Things that I had no idea how they would come to pass, because to almost supernaturally fall in line.   If you write it, it is real! 

If you are at novice at journaling and ove to journey, without guides, my Discovery Journey is perfect for you.  This beautiful book filled with lined and blank pages is the canvas that you need to make your life into a masterpiece through journaling. AND it makes for a nice gifts for parties, events and swag bag stuffers. 

However, if you need guided journaling with affirmation prompts, thought provoking daily entries and action steps to help you to strategize your way to manifested dreams, The VICTORY JOURNAL is perfect for you!


Both are available at AMAZON! 



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